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Find out about our fabulous Yoga teachers and learn more about their drives, passions and joy at being Yoga instructors and the path they have followed on their yoga journey.

Inez Shedd Kwiatkowski, is the owner and founder of Aha Yoga, a Center for Health and Healing in Fair Oaks, California. She has been an inspired yoga teacher for the past 23 years. Some of her master teachers have included: Ana Forrest of Forrest Yoga, where she was an assistant trainer at Kripalu Yoga Center in Massachusetts

Aha Meditation & Breath
Aha Meditation & Breath will add to your overall health, well-being and help you experience a more profound enjoyment of life. This breath and meditation technique is a self empowering breath process that creates permanent deep healing. Everyone is welcome to join us in this magnificent breath and meditation class: Breathe better, have more energy and feel more peaceful and loving. This breathing process creates permanent, positive changes and permanently raises your vibrational field.

Aha breath work helps you to attain higher levels of consciousness. Aha breath work focuses on the energy and states you want to create, rather than paying attention to patterns you are trying to relieve. We use conscious intentions along with affirmations and invocations. We also work with pressure points on the body, and sacred sounding. All of these tools contribute to a more effective and complete resolution.
There are three parts to breath work:
1. Physical Mechanics – amount of air brought in
2. Clearing – clearing some of the major reasons why we shut down our breath to begin with

Once the lower sub-conscious begins to open and clear, it then creates an opening to the higher sub-conscious and that’s when we get to…

Soul Level – this connects to the level of the soul and helps heightened spiritual awareness